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Article is a pretty accurate picture of the ways in which our
world society is trying to find solutions to our ever decreasing
fossil fuel sources.6:04 PM 4/20/2006 Author: Lucien Beauley

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The Role We Can Each Play

We can all play a part in lessening our reliance on fossil fuels.

A- Use low-energy lamps such as CFL replacements for as many incandescent lightbulbs as possible in our home or apartment.
B- Turn off all lamps in areas where they are not needed.
C- Turn down water heater temperature to between 120-125 degrees.
D- Seal your home or apartment from obvious air drafts.

These steps could save the average family $300. to $400. a year in electricity costs alone, lessening the fossil fuel needed to produce it. It certainly becomes plainly obvious that if all Americans stopped driving their automobiles and ceased all commercial transportation, which includes both ground and air travel, we would most likely not be importing any foreign oil and would likewise be exporting at least some of the oil that we produce here. Obviously, this is not feasable.

Lately, most governments of the world have made it their priority to begin to deal with the problems of energy consumption and how to deal with the over consumption of fossil fuels along with Renewable energy sources. Many are adopting the latest in renewable energy technology such as Wind Power and Solar Power generation. Many have begun new projects that when completed will save millions of dollars on imported oil, domestic use of oil, or other fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy is the road to take. We must now tame this new source to be more competitive and more reliable than its predecessors which have been a source for many decades earlier. Today, we are learning this taming process very quickly and as we adopt these new technologies they will become more rewarding. Eventually, it is hoped, the oil wells of the world will wane into a minority source of energy.

With Renewable Energy in the news of late and the phenominal increase in Windmill farm deployments in 2004 and 2005 along with greatly expanded use of Solar Energy in this same period in many areas of this country, it is hoped that this trend will greatly lessen our needs for Fossil fuel sources in the near future.

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